Community Preparedness

Preparedness activities develop the response capabilities needed in the event an emergency should arise. 

Preparedness activities include:

PLANNING- a basic guideline defining the capabilities needed and objectives to be completed to prepare for an emergency.  They define roles and responsibilities and cover a sequence of events that may occur before, during, and after an emergency.

ORGANIZATION- Medina County conforms to the National Incident Management System (NIMS) standards enabling responders from different jurisdictions and disciplines to work together to achieve a common goal.

TRAINING AND EXERCISES- All those with responsibilities in the county plans will attend classes and training exercises put forth by the EMA or other local jurisdictions to prepare and practice for the many events that could occur in the county.  We train in accordance with NIMS recommendations and compliance.

EQUIPMENT- We train and exercise in order to remain familiar with existing equipment and to become familiar with new equipment.  It is important to know the capability and interoperability of the equipment you have.  There are written strategies on how to properly deploy and manage the equipment available in the county.  New equipment is purchased every year to keep up with new technology and the ever demanding environmental changes and challenges.

The Medina County EMA ensures the county plans have the most up-to-date information required by the State and Federal entities, and they are organized in a way to be able to put together purposeful and effective training’s and exercises, using the diverse amount of equipment, for all county first responders.

There are many useful emergency preparedness websites available to the public in order for you and your family to be prepared in the event of a disaster or emergency, and a great place to start is FEMA.  Your family should create emergency supply kits for family, business, and kids.  Some items to consider include: water, food, weather radio, flashlights, first aid kits, medications, diapers and formula, pet food, etc.